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Here is a sample of some of our educational offerings. Additional webinar recordings are available for purchase in our Webinar Library. WIDIC Members have free access to all of the webinars in our Webinar Library, plus a new webinar and peer support round table every month.

Resilience, Respectability, Restriction, and Black Joy: Exploring Themes from It's Always Been Ours

Dietitian and author Jessica Wilson and TaMeicka “Ifasina” Clear in conversation about her book, It’s Always Been Ours. Ifasina is a fat, black, genderqueer person, Master Trainer, and friend of Jessica’s who is featured in the book.

An Interview on Eating Disorder Harm Reduction with Gloria Lucas of Nalgona Positivity Pride

Gloria Lucas joins us to discuss eating disorder harm reduction, the need to move away from conventional eating-disorder treatment models, and the role that dietitians can play in this work as she promotes her upcoming course on the topic that will be launched in January 2023.

How to Support Fat Clients with Body Image Concerns

Addressing clients’ body image concerns while staying within scope of practice is a common question amongst dietitians. Using real-world examples from their own work as a non-binary, fat health coach, Vinny Welsby of Fierce Fatty will discuss why body image issues can derail work with food/nutrition, common mistakes to avoid, and practical ways dietitians can support their clients in this area.

Fatphobia in Public Health and Dietetics: What Dietitians Need to Know

Marquisele (Mikey) Mercedes, PhD(c) and Monica Kriete, MPH, join us to discuss how the public health and dietetics fields perpetuate fatphobia and weight stigma, what dietitians can do to reduce harm, and more.

Panel Discussion: Pursuing a Counselling Degree as a Dietitian

Dietitians Jessica Begg, Angela Birnie, Karen Trainoff and Jillian Walsh share their motivations and experiences in pursuing a counselling degree while working as a dietitian in this panel discussion moderated by Laura Creek Newman. 

Open-Access Journal Article Database

A non-exhaustive collection of open access journal articles that may be relevant to those practicing a weight-inclusive approach to healthcare. Everyone is encouraged to provide suggestions for articles to add to this database.