Webinar: Disordered Eating & Type 2 Diabetes – Navigating Blood Sugars, Medications & Shame

Disordered Eating and Type 2 Diabetes: Navigating blood sugars, medications, and shame

Type 2 Diabetes is an area in healthcare that’s steeped in anti-fat bias and diet culture- clients are often told to lose weight and restrict intake to manage their blood sugars. When working with clients with Type 2 Diabetes and disordered eating it can be difficult to figure out what we can do to help these clients improve their relationship with food since there is often a fear of what that will do to blood sugars. This webinar will help you to learn strategies to work with these clients in a way that improves their relationship with food and strategies to help with blood sugar management that don’t involve restriction.

We will discuss:

  • The shame that many clients feel with Type 2 Diabetes and how this affects treatment
  • Factors that affect blood glucose levels other than food and movement
  • Different medications for diabetes and important considerations for clients taking them
  • Nutrition strategies to help bring blood sugars closer to target without restriction

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July 6, 2021