Webinar: Racial Intersectionality in Weight Inclusion (Part 2)

Racial Intersectionality in Weight Inclusion (Part 2)

This webinar was part 2 of a 2-part series. Part 1 is available here.

You are a Registered Dietitian or RD2B who was moved by the most recent wave of the Black Lives Matter movement. You want to take an intersectional approach to nutrition counselling by aligning your practice with Black Lives Matter and other social justice movements fighting for equality. You believe that anti-racism is as important as fat liberation, and you are ready to take action! Yet there is much to do, you are uncertain about the best steps to take, and you are busy and overwhelmed. Fear not: This webinar is for you!

You will learn:

  • Practical, applicable strategies for weaving anti-racism into multiple aspects of your practice, regardless of its size
  • Thought-provoking anti-racist nutrition counseling strategies
  • How to prevent activism burnout and overwhelm
  • A curated list of excellent anti-racist resources: Books, podcasts, articles, videos, and people to follow

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September 14, 2020