Peer Support Round Table: September 2023

Peer Support Round Table

Topics Discussed

  • Ozempic, Wegovy and GLP-1 agonists
  • Washington Post article on dietitians in social media
    • CW: Mention of questionable practices in medical research and violent thoughts with intense feelings of hunger at 22:45-23:45
  • TikTok, Instagram, Twitter/X, and Threads, including Vincci’s experience with posting on Instagram every day in August
  • Facebook ads and filling group classes
  • Working within college regulations while “competing” against unregulated providers
  • The use of the Nutritionist title in Alberta
  • The health minister of Alberta’s recent meeting with the Chiropractic Association of Alberta
  • The E. Coli outbreak in Alberta and what that means for public health
  • “Balancing hormones” as a wellness trend
  • Vincci’s top 3 Instagram accounts:


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September 21, 2023