Webinar: The Neurodiversity Affirming Model® and Caring for Neurodivergent Clients

Neurodiveristy Affirming Model® and Caring for Neurodivergent Clients by Naureen Hunani, RD. RDs for Neurodiversity

Mainstream nutrition and feeding modalities often promote neuronormative ideals around food, and exclude the experiences of neurodivergent (ND) people. Because ND folks can have different experiences with food and eating, modalities that don’t centre neurodivergence and the unique needs of this population can feel invalidating and cause harm. Strength and acceptance-based approaches are needed to support ND people access adequate nourishment and develop a positive relationship with food and their bodyminds.

This 60-minute webinar, presented by RDs for Neurodiversity founder Naureen Hunani, RD, will introduce the Neurodiversity Affirming Model® and its five pillars, which can be utilized to build an affirming practice. Clinicians will leave with practical tools to support and care for their neurodivergent clients.

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September 12, 2023