Webinar: Motivational Interviewing in Weight-Neutral Care

Motivational Interviewing in Weight Neutral Care

Motivational Interviewing is a skillful conversation style that focuses on exploring an individual’s own motivation and commitment to change. The clinician skillfully draws attention to the individual’s strengths and links them with things important to them. This process moves them from a state of ambivalence to a state of action. Learning this skill can be very instrumental in providing weight neutral care since the focal point is the individual and not the clinician.

In this webinar we will be talking about:

  • What motivational interviewing is not!
  • How motivational interviewing supports weight neutral care
  • The relationship of empathy & weight neutral conversations
  • Some weight neutral statements you can integrate into your counseling practice.

For more on motivational interviewing, sign up for Alka’s course, Managing with Motivation (affiliate link)

TW/CW: This presentation contains use of o-words and weight-stigmatizing language. These sections of the presentation have been noted in the recording, and an option to skip ahead has been given at those points. The presenter has been made aware of the concerns about the information shared. Weight-Inclusive Dietitians in Canada deeply apologizes that this content was included in one of our presentations, and we do not stand behind the harmful views that were expressed.

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Posted on

April 1, 2021