Webinar: Growing Intuitive Eaters – Nutrition & Feeding Strategies for Working with Families

Growing Intuitive Eaters: Nutrition & Feeding Strategies for Working with Families

Dietitians often receive separate training in the Division of Responsibility and in Intuitive Eating. The literature and praxis on combining these two models is lacking, which can make it challenging to apply the approaches in practice. This 60-minute webinar will tackle this challenge through a weight inclusive lens providing you with strategies and tools to use in your nutrition practice when working with families, no matter where the families are on their own intuitive eating journey.

You will learn:

  • How to apply the Intuitive Eating model for adults versus fostering intuitive eating in children
  • How to partner the Division of Responsibility (sDOR) and Intuitive Eating (IE) principles into your nutrition counselling for families
  • The importance of addressing the entire Family Food Culture versus solely focusing on problematic eating behaviours in children
  • Some of the key research behind the concepts of sDOR and IE
  • Strategies and tools to implement in your nutrition practice

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Posted on

May 13, 2020