Webinar – Feeding Kids: Shouldn’t We Talk About the Caregivers?

Feeding Kids: Shouldn't We Talk About the Caregivers? with Maude Perreault, PhD, RD & Sarthak Matravadia, PhD

When kids learn how to eat, caregivers learn how to feed. Yet, this last part is often overlooked, or worse, assumed to be easy (thank you Instagram!). Between unrealistic caregivers’ expectations of what learning-to-eat encompasses, and the mom-centric dominant narrative that minimizes fathers, caregivers may find feeding kids very challenging.

When feeding issues arise, it is common to see advice targeting novel food exposures, cute shapes, and fun ways to increase food acceptance. What else are we missing in conventional family nutrition practice? In this webinar we will focus on the lesser-discussed, but equally important issues around feeding kids. Informed by our research and clinical experience, we will shift away from a kid-centric approach, turning our attention toward the role of caregivers. 

We will discuss:

  • Caregivers’ unrealistic expectations: what Instagram tells you “normal eating” should be.
  • The role of fathers: an uncaptured and underserved population.
  • Mixed-race families: meshing two sets of cultural norms and values.
  • When feeding brings up the caregiver’s trauma: breaking the intergenerational cycle.

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Posted on

May 31, 2022